Rebel ACA & French Monkey Wrench – “John Wayne”


Following up the Gorillaz-esque “African James Bond“, “John Wayne” is a recent track from Rebel ACA & French Monkey Wrench that they describe as an audible representation of “what it is to be a modern man in the modern world.” The duo, who met 15 years ago, really shine here — alternating between hip-hop verses and a hook-y verse, where more pop-laden vocals fit alongside strumming acoustics, another Gorillaz sound-alike moment. The 02:17 transition is a nice, spacey touch, as well.

The duo explains: “The name John Wayne – a name most young people may not even know – is harking back to a simpler time and what a man was then. When men were tough not due to their gym muscles, but tough because of their mental strength and independence. About the guy in the street looking tough and cool, is on his own..but utterly dependent on his phone… What would John Wayne think?”

Mike Mineo

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