Hollowlove – “Diamond Mine”


Hollowlove is a very atmospheric electro-pop duo from Canada, comprised of Keith Gillard and Ryan Slemko (Fidgital). They’re releasing a new single quarterly, all their material using entirely “original, analog or acoustic,” sounds. Their newest entry is “Diamond Mine”, a spacey epic with a gripping soundscape. The act’s vocal tone reminds fondly of Junior Boys, though with a more developmental, atmospheric sound that transports listeners to outer space or another futuristic iteration of Blade Runner. The track is inspired by “Moments In Love” by Art of Noise, as well as the vocals of Sade. Per the duo, the track “professes love for the rarest of connections over lush layers of analog synths with tribal rhythms.”

If you’re short on time, there’s an edit of “Diamond Mine” that brings it down to 03:40, here. I’d recommend getting lost in the full 7-minute version, though, if time is no obstacle. Whether you’re a fan of atmospheric electro-pop, or a sci-fi director looking for someone to score your latest, Hollowlove’s material is captivating.

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