Tender Glue – “Rudy”


“Rudy” is another success from Tender Glue, the project of Tom Gluewicki that has impressed with “Hope Street” and “With You Here” in the past. Here, he continues his successful penchant for ardent, soaring vocals – reminiscent of early Deer Tick/John J. McCauley – and songwriting that values the polarities between bustling twangs and more subtle moments.┬áThe track’s video can be watched above. “I recorded and edited some footage from years ago when the song was actually written,” Gluewicki explains. Tender Glue’s new album is aptly titled Closet Leftovers, recorded in a closet that he converted to a studio. Tender Glue is planning to release the full album this fall on Don’t Label Me Records, Gluewicki’s own label.

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