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Blood Tigers – “Ghost of the Past”

Blood Tigers’ just-released EP Outer Space Dream is a successful trip into spacey, hook-y pop with both guitar and synth-laden elements. It’s another success for the project of Brooklyn-based visual artist and musician Christian Haberkern, who impressed last December with the track “I Feel Alright“. “Ghost of the Past” is quick to stand out, touting a buzzing synth arpeggio and glistening guitars to start. The track is a perfect mixture of catchy synth-pop and ’80s-tinged rock. “Chilling Out” is another highlight, with a peppy guitar-led shine that lends ample exuberance. “Tell Me Where You’ve Been” has a suaver, more nocturnal sound, with the vocals assuming a more funk-laden high-pitched stride, a la Unknown Mortal Orchestra. The six tracks on here retain a great stylistic focus, all while showing off their own alluring unique characteristics.

Stream the EP in full below:

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