Hollowlove – “Serpentine”


“Serpentine” is a new track from Canadian duo Hollowlove, previously impressing with tracks like “Diamond Mine“. This new track’s aesthetic and melodic fervor reminds fondly of Kevin Barnes / Of Montreal, with biting lyrics and an enthralling synth-laden pop fervor leading the way. The track’s lyrics, a critique of the often anachronistic U.S. President, provide concise jabs at generally universal sentiments, like the inane prioritization of fossil fuels among politicians.

“Serpentine” differs thematically from prior releases from the group. “This one is clearly making a point and deals with anger, something we haven’t touched on in our songs before,” they explain. The biting lyrics and melodic addiction of the track combine for something memorable.

Mike Mineo

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  1. There is with, synthesizers and a whole lot of true in this song!! Great job!
    Love the video too. Easy to follow and entertaining.

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