Posted December 7, 2018 by Mike Mineo in Video

Premiere: TOPICS – “You Say You Love Me”

We’re happy to premiere the just-released music video for “You Say You Love Me.” The Canadian duo describes their sound as a “synthesis of new wave, country, dance and minimalist electro-pop with heavy emphasis on bass guitar, synthesizer and reverb effects.” The video features both members dancing playfully through a variety of locations, adding interesting video clips and effects.

Featuring a playful vocal duet and a power-pop bounce, the track pursues a form of art-pop that’s melodically memorable and colorful. The duo is comprised of Evan Tyler and Lauren Fournier, who both grew up in Saskatchewan and attended the same art program at the University of Regina – Intermedia. Both artists moved to Toronto at different times and eventually pooled their talents into an art collective that grew into “a musical endeavor with a brother/sister spirit.”

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