Superocean – “Animal Caller”


Soaring guitars and a lush synth backing kicks off “Animal Caller” convincingly, showing the latest release from Superocean as one with ample appeal. Reminiscent of acts like Wild Nothing, in the incorporation of shoegaze and dream-pop tendencies with a modern arsenal, Superocean are a Portland-based act with a four-song, self-produced, self-titled EP releasing this spring. “Animal Caller” is the first track from that release. The project has roots in a project featured back in 2012: Ghost Toy Castle, the vehicle of Cody Myers that eventually culminated in the band CASTLES, and now Superocean.

The act now includes lead guitarist Eric Wenzel, bassist Jason Oppat, and drummer Tom Wortman; they recorded the forthcoming EP on a beach house in the Oregon coast, finishing up the overdubs in Oppat’s apartment. The EP also features original artwork by local artist Lily Valentine, aka Pink Gorgon.

Mike Mineo

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  1. A very nice-sounding track. I can’t say that I’ve listened to much dream pop music. Maybe that will have to change!

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