Posted May 13, 2019 by Mike Mineo in Electro-Funk

Premiere: Jaz Clemente – “L-Star City”

The atmospheric funk of “L-Star City” will put an extra stride in your step this Monday morning. A new track from Jaz Clemente, which we’re happy to premiere, “L-Star City” is described by the Oakland-based artist as “the most playful I’ve ever been with vocals, the comfort with expressing myself as genuinely. It’s minimalist in chords and a little less electronic, but it’s true to my soul and what’s happening in the world.” Raw and guttural vocals accompany Clemente’s confident, charismatic vocal presence, aesthetically reminding of a darker Unknown Mortal Orchestra. The twist in vocal presence at the two-minute mark, from darker guttural lengths to a more lightly infectious funk-ified series of vocal layers, works wonderfully. The jazz-leaning final minute also stands out.

Featuring great production and a fun, funky feel, “L-Star City” is another success from Jaz Clemente, who has impressed in the past with tracks “Skylight” and “Sacalacalaca.”

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