S A Reyners – “Sharp Reminders”


“Sharp Reminders” is a peppy, bright track released today from S A Reyners. The New Zealand-based artist previously impressed with the track “16 Lovers,” and shows a more energetic sound here. Aesthetically, I’m reminded of The Housemartins’ knack for soaring vocals and quick-swiping guitar melodies. Reyners notes that uptempo XTC is a point of comparison, and that the track’s guitar sound is influenced partly from bands like Nazz and The Who. “Sharp Reminders” shows a brand of power-pop and rock that’s enjoyably familiar, while strutting creative melodic flair.

Mike Mineo

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  1. Love this sound! Reminiscent of Buzzcocks, Shoes, Nervus Rex! Memorable Hook and great twists in the arrangement which sound deceptively simple and are actually a work of art!


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