Lala MK – “River Banks”

“River Banks” is an anthemic pop single from Lala MK, an artist from Montreal. The track unfolds effectively from subtle, whisper-y vocals in the verses to a chorus with ample expansion. “We go down to the riverbanks, where we wash our hands, we got no plans,” is a chorus that succeeds in a message that’s easy to latch onto, especially these days. “River Banks” is a track that’s certainly a candidate to achieve ample radio airplay and propel Lala MK further. I’m looking forward to hearing more.

“The song is about awareness and transcendence. To be aware of yourself, of your surroundings and of the forces that make up our society,” the artist says. “The song welcomes listeners to imaginatively join me by the river bank to “wash our hands” and be free from all the noise. The river bank is a special place where inner and outer freedom are everywhere to be felt and found. Something that we all need, now more than ever, during this global pandemic.”

Mike Mineo

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