Posted July 28, 2020 by Mike Mineo in Dream-Pop + Shoegaze

Stevie Zita – “Indigo”

Described by the artist as “a hazy lullaby about getting out of the drowning city life,” “Indigo” is another standout track from Stevie Zita. The Toronto-based artist has impressed with a number of tracks in the past year, with “Anastasia“, “Fantasma IV,” and “Lost In Bruges” all emphasizing a hooky, dreamy sound with a sort of yearning.

“Indigo” follows up accordingly, initially traversing from a fuzzy guitar fronting to a mellow key-laden twinkle alongside the vocal emergence. Zita’s enthralling lead builds cohesively to the melodic exultation of the “oh, indigo!” hook. From here, the track dances into a soaring, illuminated twilight. “Indigo” shows well yet again from Stevie Zita.

“Indigo” and other memorable tracks from this month can also be streamed on the updating Obscure Sound’s ‘Best of July 2020’ Spotify playlist.

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