How to Create a Perfect Playlist for A Themed Party

A party without music is no party. No matter the theme of the party, if it is for kids, teenagers, or adults, you need music to evoke the party atmosphere. The ideal solution is to use a good DJ to handle the music. But what happens in situations where you cannot get a DJ? How do you create the perfect playlist for your party?

The first step is to consider the theme of the party. Not all songs are a perfect fit for all parties. Understanding the theme of your party is key to creating the perfect playlist even without a DJ.

Here are a few themed party ideas, how you can create a suitable playlist, and where to find these songs. 

Beach Party Theme

Beach parties are popular in Summer. To get the best out of a beach party, you need music. Ever heard of a beach party without music? Sounds like a funeral, right? Even funerals have their playlists. Ouch.

The first step is to get your playlist done before the party starts. A beach-themed party playlist is usually flexible and dominated by summer songs. Choose songs that have upbeat tempos. Don’t repeat songs by the same artist and feel free to add humor tracks for smiles. While at it, you can also put in some classic hits for that nostalgia effect. 

Build your playlist to last over three hours and try to avoid shuffling your playlist. Sometimes, shuffling picks the right tracks. Sometimes it doesn’t, killing the vibes of the party. Avoid this scenario by planning your music playlist to follow your preset order.

Consider eliminating songs over 4 minutes long. Only make exceptions for recent songs that are topping the chart. 

You can find these songs suitable for a beach party from different sources. You can find beach songs on a ready-made Spotify playlist (which you can edit). Summer playlists are also excellent sources of beach themed party songs. 

Dinner Party Theme

Music makes meals sweeter. The playlist for a dinner themed party can work with the shuffle feature. Since there isn’t much dancing to do, set songs guaranteed to complement the meal.

Select songs that put people in a light and happy mood. Avoid songs that are attention-grabbing and do not flow well together. Keep the volume of the music low but noticeable. Slow songs are a great choice but not too slow or else guests get bored. 

Most dinner parties have a cocktail hour. For this part of the party, you can mix genres and select songs from different artists. Songs that bring about nostalgia and injects humor are nice selections. 

You can find playlists for dinner themed parties on Spotify and other music apps. 

Casino Themed Party

The demand for casino themed parties continues to rise, helped by the popularity of online casinos, and musicians that play at casinos. It is a great avenue for players to socialize and make money. Most casino parties use the services of a DJ. 

As a tradition, the DJ comes with a list of songs that has casino-related wordings in it. If you ever attended one of such parties, the Viva Las Vegas song by Elvis Presley is one song you won’t forget in a hurry. All casino parties DJs have this song.

Adding music that contains casino terms to the playlist is not a bad idea. Try using the actual soundtrack of online pokies instead of playing regular music. Playing the soundtracks from the actual games will set the tone and keep all players excited. It also has the extra benefit of keeping players focused on the game.

You can find suitable casino themed party songs and soundtracks from Spotify, Betway casino music guide, and other online resources. You can download your favorite casino game soundtrack online. 

The Perfect Playlist

The perfect playlist for a themed party is one that reflects the tempo of the party. Taking steps such as tailoring your playlist to match your guest and the party setting. Mixing genres and playing the hits are winning formulas.


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