Shihori – “Perfect Imperfection”


Powerful vocals and dreamy piano tones guide “Perfect Imperfection” in satisfying form. The new track, from New York-based artist Shihori, shows enjoyable evolution from more intimate beginnings into a rousing, expansive vigor — evident as the chorus hits rounding the one-minute mark. Additional vocal layers and climactic bass join thereafter, building toward another anthemic romp in the track’s second half. “Perfect Imperfection” soars with majestic, emotive power and shimmering production, capped well by the wordless clap-laden enthusiasm in the second half. Shihori impresses throughout “Perfect Imperfection.”

The artist, who has left-ear deafness, dwarfism and Asperger’s Syndrome, lyrically explores within the track how one’s differences can make them special. “(My) half-silent world got me into extreme concentration; I lived in my own imagination world,” Shihori says. “I didn’t hear anything, just created…people thought I was ignoring them many times but I just didn’t hear anything from my left side and my other ear was only for my imagination. I never hated my hearing in my life, because I love the sound of silence on my left side which always helps my creation. I have rather considered my deafness as a “gift”, and the other ear is a “gift” as well because my right ear has a perfect pitch by nature.”

Shihori will be donating all Bandcamp proceeds from the single to Joyful Heart Foundation. Check out the track’s music video below:

“Perfect Imperfection” and other memorable tracks from August can also be streamed on the updating Obscure Sound’s ‘Best of August 2020’ Spotify playlist.

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