The Relationship Between Cannabis and Live Music

There is almost nothing better than live music. There are so many factors that can contribute to an unforgettable experience, the band or artist, the venue, and the overall vibe. Concerts can be contagious in the sense that if the crowd is high energy the artist can feel it and reciprocate that back to the crowd, and low energy scenarios can have the adverse effect which sadly every frequent live music fan has likely encountered at some point in their fandom. Cannabis and live music have been a fierce combination for decades and with the recent times lending themselves to legal recreational use this relationship has never been stronger. 

Access to the Experience

You would be hard pressed to find a regular cannabis consumer who has not discovered the euphoric link between these two worlds. But what about the occasional consumer or someone new to the cannabis scene entirely? You can now secure your medical marijuana card online, and getting a medical card in CA can happen through an easy online process. The stigma surrounding cannabis and what that means for its users is starting to lift thanks to not only legalization, but easy online processes. Now even the reluctant consumer can safely, quickly, and legally acquire their card and their product hours before a show. 


Certain concert venues like Red Rocks, The Gorge, and Fenway Park are legendary and some of the biggest acts in history have frequented these stages. Incorporating cannabis into this already one-of-a-kind experience is something you should not sleep on. Marijuana will enhance your overall experience by creating pathways for your eyes and ears that you might not otherwise have exposure. Imagine being able to notice the colors of the sun setting behind the stage in an unprecedented way instead of simply recognizing that the sun is setting, and it is getting dark. Cannabis-friendly venues are also popping up providing music lovers with an opportunity to partake while enjoying a concert of choice without fear of penalty. 

The Science Behind It

It is no secret that marijuana alters your mind and your senses, in terms of concert going this can have some amazing side effects. When you are in a relaxed and pleasant state you are more vulnerable to being in the moment. Cannabis can stimulate the activity of the systems that facilitate dopamine giving the user a natural push towards increased enjoyment. Being in a relaxed state also creates an opportunity for you to have a heightened receptance to the music. With the marijuana acting almost as a mental diffuser you are creating room for the sounds and lyrics to be absorbed in your brain. 

These new medical discoveries also lend themselves to the future nurturement of this long-standing relationship. Top event organizers are now directing their focus to finding legal and safe ways to combine music and marijuana. As more research is conducted on the drug itself as well and the social responsibilities that come with legalization a time where venues and festivals include cannabis in their marketing and advertising might not be too far off.


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