Ways To Get In Touch with Music Managers

Every music artist wants to get their music out there for the whole world to hear, but that’s easier said than done. When an artist is just starting out, they need a record label that believes in their music and is willing to invest money in them to be seen and heard.

An excellent way for a new band or artist to get attention from major record labels is by getting in touch with music managers. Music managers are very important people within the industry. They can open new dimensions and more doors of opportunities for new artists. They are crucial to the success of any band or singer.

Getting in touch with music managers can be challenging, but it is not impossible. All it takes is a little research and effort on your part, and you too can be off to the races!

Here are some ways to get in touch with music managers:

1) Network and Form Relationships with People in the Industry

Connections are everything in this business, so get out there and make some of your own! Get to know as many people within the music industry as possible and form relationships with them.

Ask fellow artists how they have been able to get in touch with music managers and what worked for them. Ask other bands at your gigs how they have reached their foot in the door. Talk to music producers and studio owners if you know any.

Attend local music shows every chance you get. It is an excellent opportunity to meet new artists and talk with established ones. You never know there may also be a manager of a hugely successful band looking for new talent to add to his roster.

2) Attend Music Industry Conventions

There are many annual conventions within the music industry. These conventions are full of people involved in making and selling music, including promoters, booking agents, festival directors, talent bookers, and publicists. Managers will also be at these events looking for new talent to support. Make it your goal to meet as many people as possible and introduce yourself properly so you’ll be remembered if they hear something great about your band or see you perform one day.

3) Look Up Online

We live in an age where almost everything is online. All you have to do is type in ‘music management,’ and hundreds of search results will come up with contact information, websites, and blogs. You can reach out to them via email with your press kit or send them a copy of your best songs. Make sure the music you send over-represents precisely who you are as an artist or band so that when they receive it, they will know who you are and that you’re worth signing with.

4) Use Spotify, LinkedIn and Other Social Media Platforms

Social media is a great tool for relating with people, building a brand, and making people aware of your existence. It also gives you the ability to connect and interact with other musicians, music industry professionals, and managers. You can join groups within the industry or create your group and then promote your performances and new music

5) Play at Live Shows and Festivals

Talent and music managers constantly scout for promising talents at live shows and music festivals. Live shows are a great place to showcase your talent. Ask the event promoter if you can play at their next show or about playing on some undercards for more established singers and bands with managers.

6) Get Yourself and Your Music Noticed

You can never just sit back and wait for opportunities to come your way. You need to always be on the lookout and actively seek out ways that you and your music can get noticed by people who may be interested in working with you.

Make yourself worth managing. Practice your music, produce great quality music, and have a strong social media presence. Do everything you can to be better than the rest. Get out there, do what must be done, shine, and be noticed!

Getting in touch with music managers is quite challenging, especially with the lots of competition. Start by doing some research on who manages bands similar to yours, look up local shows in your area, attend industry conventions and meet people face-to-face, use social media platforms like LinkedIn and make an effort to create a presence for yourself online, and most importantly, never give up!

Everyone starts somewhere. If you don’t get signed by a major label when they first hear of you, that’s fine. Continue pushing forward and keep your eyes open for golden opportunities because they are out there just waiting to be discovered.


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