Departure – “Perrenque”

Credit: Denegurica

A haunting new single from London-based artist Departure, “Perrenque” embraces a late-night electronic character in its consuming production. The track represents Departure’s fourth release this year, including previously featured track “Fresco, parce.”

Percussive click-clacks and xylophone-like effects craft a playfully intimate feeling. Subtle vocal snippets play as an enthused rhythmic addition, navigating seamlessly amidst the lush key-laden reflections. The two-minute turn unveils a brooding, ’80s-friendly synth progression that eventually invigorates as a leading force. The keys, synths, and vocal effects throughout lead an absolutely entrancing production, marking another firm success from Departure.

Departure elaborates on the track’s inspirations:

The title of the song is a dedication to my sister and one of her favourite words: ‘Perrenque’. It is a very Colombian term that encompasses many meanings: bravery, courage, relentlessness, hopefulness and dedication. She is the personification of a life lived with ‘perrenque’, and this song is a small homage to her.

This and other tracks featured this month can be streamed on the updating Obscure Sound’s ‘Best of October 2022’ Spotify playlist.

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