Ex en Provence – “How Long Can We Hang?”


A playful psychedelic pop success from London/Berlin-based songwriting duo Ex en Provence, “How Long Can We Hang?” soars with a Beatles-esque charm alongside a modern synth-laden quickness — reminding fondly of Foxygen. As the question “when is it time to let go?” is asked throughout, with resonating qualities, the project’s third single quickly consumes.

A calmingly melodic vocal lead complements quick-pulsing synths to start. “If I let go and let the river take me,” the vocals let out, as the percussion begins to creep in alongside a more vibrant synth swell. The anthemic, dazed psych-pop charm of the joyous title-referencing hook is an instant replay-inducer, charming with its dazed backing vocal entrancement and escalating lead.

The track’s production succeeds with a richly elaborate pop appeal. A German children’s choir adds beautifully to the Baroque-pop feeling in the central hook, while the synths and drum machines lend a hypnotic backbone throughout. Accompanied by an AI-generated lucid dream style video, “How Long Can We Hang?” is a wholly memorable single from Ex en Provence.


Photo Credit: Adam Gammage

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