Wise John – “Marry Another Man”


The heartrending “Marry Another Man” is another moving piece of songwriting from Wise John, the NYC-based artist who has impressed previously with tracks like “Always Be the King” and “Mr. Love.” Drawing on loss and serving as “a relationship autopsy delivered to the one that got away,” “Marry Another Man” resonates with its range of styles within, from understated heartbreak blue-eyed soul to rousing slices of soulful rock with backing choir goodness.

The track represents the second single released from The Mr. Love Sunset Show, a “retro love song EP.” The Hammond B-3 and soulful gospel backing provide the perfect accompaniments to the artist’s riveting vocals and songwriting. The retrospective vocals and mellow keys craft a compellingly quaint introduction, only to expand ceaselessly thereafter with beautiful additions. “How could you go and marry another man?” John asks as the soulful backing vocals kick into gear alongside guitar twangs and hazy organs.

Stay tuned further for an outstanding vocal section rounding the two-minute turn, sending chills with the organs interweaving alongside the sweltering lead and gorgeous backing accompaniments. The contrasts between bluesy melancholy and soulful invigoration makes for a fantastic, diverse production throughout. “Marry Another Man” is another success from Wise John, for certain.

Check out the track’s music video:

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