Screens 4 Eyes – “Trip to the North”

Art by Dylan Michilsen

Meshing debonair rock and bursting psych-pop splendor, “Trip to the North” is the latest single from Tel Aviv-based project Screens 4 Eyes. Fronted by musician Yael Brener, the act assembles dream-pop, electronica, and psychedelia with cohesive appeal throughout. “Trip to the North” is particularly embracing of the psychedelic spectrum, noting influences like Tame Impala and Super Furry Animals. The effort marks the second single from Patterns / Trip to the North EP.

Lyrical enticement — to come have a drink, show you what they know — plays with dazed allure as the percussion progresses from steady galloping into fervent fills, as the vocals attain a soaring immersion. The track excels as the two-minute turn approaches, traversing from textured psych-rock emotion into quainter folk-laden chirpiness — journeying with the utmost cohesion. “Trip to the North” is a trippy, melodic delight from Screens 4 Eyes.

This and other tracks featured this month can be streamed on the updating Obscure Sound’s ‘Best of October 2023’ Spotify playlist.

The track is also featured in the genre-based, best-of Spotify compilation Emerging Psychedelic.

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