How Can I Get My Music Widely Shared on Social Networks?

If you make music, then you’ll know that having an active presence on social media networks is vital to getting your tracks out into the world and in front of a wide audience. However, simply posting your music to social media may not be enough: you need to harness the ‘share’ factor if you want your music to really get noticed.

Use the tips below to help build a loyal follower base and get these followers to like and share your content to potentially see amazing results. 

Inspire User-Generated Content

Harnessing the power of user-generated content can make the difference between a moderate social media success and a monster viral hit. Building your marketing strategy around user-generated content is a great idea for getting your music spread far and wide on social networks and beyond.

Creating dance, TikTok, and Reel challenges that feature your music can be highly effective and will encourage viewers to engage with your content. Make sure to acknowledge posts uploaded in response to boost engagement still further and start the process of developing a loyal fan base.

To take this strategy one step further, enlist the help of a relevant influencer to feature your track on their own TikToks. This will help get your music out to an even wider audience.

Harness the Power of Playlist Promotion

To get your music heard, you could also consider playlist promotion. If you’ve got some budget behind you, then you may wish to consider this service. Playlist promotion will typically boost the visibility of your tracks across a number of platforms, including song promotion on Spotify.

This option can be a really good way for new and emerging artists to get noticed. Many services offer the option to choose the type of campaign (and associated budget) that’ll be best suited. Once your campaign is live, playlist curators will be sent your music: they’ll be able to add it to their feedback if they like it and provide you with invaluable feedback.

If you choose to use a playlist promotion service, it’s advisable to go with a company that offers some form of artist protection, meaning that if a curator doesn’t review your track and (at least) provide feedback, you’ll be refunded for this specific review.

Get Really Consistent with Your Branding and Posting Schedule

To enhance your social media visibility, you need to make sure that your branding is consistent across all platforms. This will help build your audience and up the recognition factor. To this end, it’s vital to get really clear on your image and use the same logo, colors, tone, and general vibe on all your social networks.

And speaking of consistency, it’s a great idea to create a posting schedule and stick to it. Your loyal fans will love to know exactly when they can expect new content to drop. But a word of warning: uploading new content too often can be annoying for followers.

As a general rule of thumb, aim to post one to four times a day on X, four to seven times a week on Facebook, and once or twice a week on Instagram.

Offer Great Audience Value

To really stand out and help ensure your music gets shared across a range of social platforms, always remember to add as much value as possible in your posts. What does this look like? As well as your tracks, playlists, and music videos, post content such as live performances, behind-the-scenes videos, or rehearsal footage.

Keep things interesting and your audience sharing by posting as wide a variety of content as possible and always thinking about ways to surprise and delight your followers – never get complacent. When coming up with content ideas, always keep in the front of your mind how to make it as high-value as possible to keep your audience coming back for more.

Spreading Your Musical Wings on Social Media

Social media networks are profoundly powerful tools to get your music noticed and heard – fully harnessing these networks could see your music gaining a huge following, and you may even score a viral hit.

Use the guide above to help you make the most of the opportunities offered by social networks. Creating regular, high-quality, consistently-branded content is key, as is generating plenty of user-generated content. And to really amp up the visibility factor? Consider using a playlist promotion service to get your tracks in front of the curators that could be the gateway to musical stardom!


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