Etherdene – “You Are My World”


A compelling pop success from Etherdene, “You Are My World” emits an unrequited yearning alongside a melodic synth-driven production. The release follows a stream of success for the artist, who has released numerous singles since June. Balancing serene introspection with hooky immediacy, “You Are My World” is a stellar output from Etherdene.

A sense of unrequited love is palpable amidst lush, spacey synth fluttering. “I don’t think you see me, the way that I see you,” the vocals let out, traversing to a warming rhythmic accompaniment into depictions of a platonic friendship, with aspirations for more. The title-touting admission is wholly replay-inducing, shifting seamlessly into further verses with a dreamy acoustic guitar backing. “I think I’m just a shoulder when you are in need,” prompts a contemplative dazzling into another stellar central hook. A starry-eyed, yearning success from Etherdene, “You Are My World” is a standout pop single.

Mike Mineo

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