JBRRMUSIC – “Feeling of XTC”


An escalating dance-pop accessibility charms on “Feeling of XTC,” a recent single from UK EDM producer JBRRMUSIC. “In the spotlight of my heart, you have center stage,” the adoring vocals begin, compelling alongside a steadily escalating range of colorful synths, buzzing bass, and clap-laden percussion. “The feeling of ecstasy, your smile can take me there,” they continue, culminating a galloping synth-forward bounciness that strongly elicits replays.

The melodic, dance-forward pop sound engages alongside lyrical sentiments of love’s incredible power, capturing the incomparable feeling of being alongside the one you adore. “I wanted to create a track that pushed the message about how strong the feeling of love can be,” JBRRMUSIC says. That intent is certainly achieved here; the palpable structural momentum aligns with hooky vocals, and a catching title-touting refrain, for a strongly memorable success. The yearning to “need you next to me,” is conveyed with climactic allure into the synth-bolstered “your smile can take me there,” admiration.

This and other tracks featured this month can be streamed on the updating Obscure Sound’s ‘Emerging Singles’ Spotify playlist.

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