Lonely Gimmick – ‘Stay at Home to Sleep In’


Touting an abundance of melodic rock and power-pop songwriting with modern thematic introspection, Stay at Home to Sleep In is the new album from Lonely Gimmick. “This whole album has happened because I pushed myself to get it done,” the artist explains. “This is a self-made album with no wizard behind the curtain pulling the strings.”

The release is described as “an ode to lost love, depression and existential crisis,” — often set alongside radiant, hook-filled productions embracing aspects like jangly guitars, starry-eyed synths, and harmonious vocal spells. Broken hearts can create some ear-catching, and surprisingly bright-sounding music, after all.

The album’s title track opens with an enchanting frolicking of lush guitars, crafting an approachably timeless soundscape with folk-pop enamoring. A brightly caressing organ enters thereafter, driving into a vocal admission alongside jangly guitars: “My heart is telling me to run to you, but I stay at home and sleep in.” The what-could-have-been ruminations engage alongside the fluttering guitar work, kickstarting the album with melodic appeal as soaring vocal caressing assembles into a warming hook.

Another highlight, “Blue Ticked Influencer” rides on a hypnotic wave of twinkling keys and wordless vocal harmonies to start. “You bury your head in your Instagram,” the lush vocals exude, capturing a poignant sense of technological over-consumption as a dreamy rock arsenal takes hold. References to shallow beauty and materialist ideologies reflect an apt commiseration, where society seems more intent on instant gratification and status rather than integrity and hard work.

A variety of successes shine throughout the album, including previously featured tracks “Beaches” and “Roll Me Over.” From the dual-vocal suaveness of “Strut Or Stutter” to the hazy rock catchiness of “Grumpy Days,” Stay at Home to Sleep In is a thoroughly memorable album from Lonely Gimmick.

“Blue Ticked Influencer” and other tracks featured this month can be streamed on the updating Obscure Sound’s ‘Emerging Singles’ Spotify playlist.

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