Chloe Mayse – “HIGH SCHOOL”


Toronto-based artist Chloe Mayse takes us into their past with “HIGH SCHOOL,” while also providing a cathartic vision of present self; Mayse describes the release as “my ‘coming out’ song – the one I wish I could have released at fifteen.” The central chorus — “I felt so alone,” — resonates alongside glimpses of strings and emotive piano, set against Mayse’s enthralling, soaring vocal presence. The moment speaks to a sense of challenging communication and unrequited love. “I was closeted when it came to my sexuality, and wasn’t confident enough to tell my friend that I was in love with her,” Mayse says.

“I thought I was different,” the vocals open, then striving to “fit in,” and referring to a yearning for escape. “How could I come out, feeling so much doubt?” they question, aspiring for a chance for “me and you,” and enamoring into the piano-forward central hook. “HIGH SCHOOL” balances pop-friendly immediacy in the central hook with movingly personal themes, demonstrated in the heartfelt lyrical prowess and vocal emotion.

We discovered this release via MusoSoup, as part of the artist’s promotional campaign.

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