Eric Anders and Mark O’Bitz – ‘Contrapasso’ EP

A collaborative duo who continue to enthrall since forming 20 years ago, Eric Anders and Mark O’Bitz embrace an Americana direction on new EP Contrapasso. Catching our ears with previous full-lengths like The Loss We’ve Won and Answers Belie, Anders and O’Bitz are joined on this EP by their good friend and talented multi-instrumentalist Mike Butler.

A variety of folk instrumentations on the release are played by Butler, who has collaborated with the duo previously, though the EP represents his most prominent involvement to date; he also produced and mixed the release. John O’Reily Jr also contributes his drumming talents. The result is a riveting collection of songwriting, thematically poignant in its reflections on the dangers of cult-like mentalities and blind allegiance to charismatic leaders

Opening track “High on Cult Life” captivates in its escalating vocal presence and plucky guitar work, assembling into a shifty percussive sharpness and “high as the sun,” vocal outpouring; the anthemic heights here are invigorating alongside clap-laden infusions. “Bells Toll” emits a haunting Americana arsenal, with shades of Neil Young in the vocal presence and twangy guitar accompaniments. The debonair, southern-touched flair of “This Haunted Love” ignites a bluesy allure, while “Sold Down the Rivers” incorporates strings within the heartrending array of guitars and evolving vocals for a fantastic send-off.

Anders chose the album title “because the songs are all critiques of the American “inferno” we are living in today – where Americans are either enslaved by or oppressed by the ridiculously stupid beliefs of a racist and cultish minority of hundreds of millions.”

“High on Cult Life” and other tracks featured this month can be streamed on the updating Obscure Sound’s ‘Emerging Singles’ Spotify playlist.

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