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Paul Maged – “Everything’s Gonna Be Alright”

August 9, 2022
“Everything’s Gonna Be Alright” is the latest single from NYC-based singer/songwriter Paul Maged, featured previously with tracks like “Fight to the Death” and “Culture War.” The track represents a continuation of Maged’s vibrant, thoughtful songwriting. Expr...

Paul Maged – “Culture War”

February 15, 2021
“Culture War” is another charismatic rocker from NYC-based singer/songwriter Paul Maged, continuing wit-filled social commentary evident on prior tracks like “The Resistance” and “Fight to the Death.” “Culture War” comes from Maged’s recent album of the...

Paul Maged – “Fight to the Death”

June 27, 2019
Following the release of his political protest song “The Resistance” last October, NYC-based artist Paul Maged returns with the EP Fight to the Death, the third and final album in Maged’s EP trilogy, after Light Years Away and The Glass River. The release’s self-titled track is a th...

Paul Maged – “The Resistance”

November 6, 2018
NYC-based artist Paul Maged has impressed with numerous tracks in the past, ranging from accessible alt-rock to harder-edged material with socially conscious lyrics, like this year’s “The Glass River.” His most recent foray is “The Resistance,” a piece of political commentary ...

Paul Maged – “The Glass River”

April 11, 2018
Paul Maged’s lively vein of rock, culled from an eclectic taste and forays into various styles, impressed on multiple tracks in the past, like “Look At Me”, “Wild”, and “Light Years Away”. His most recent release is the 6-track EP The Glass River, which Maged calls...

Paul Maged – “Light Years Away”

November 27, 2017
NYC rock singer/songwriter Paul Maged has impressed in the past, with 2014’s “Look At Me” and 2016’s “The Wild” showcasing impressive songwriting with emotional grit. His influences are all over the place – from Pearl Jam and Elvis Costello to Green Day and The Hol...

Paul Maged – “The Wild”

March 21, 2016
Paul Maged’s previous album, Diamonds & Demons, was a successfully nostalgic take on accessible alt-rock, inspired by influences like Pearl Jam, R.E.M., and Elvis Costello, all while exploring a “wide range of concepts, social issues and universal themes such as climate change, human warfare, rel...

Paul Maged – “Look At Me”

September 12, 2014
“Look At Me” is a solid example of personality flowing through quality songwriting. In this case, the track from NYC rock singer/songwriter Paul Maged shows an outspoken and passionate frontman in the vein of The Hold Steady’s Craig Finn or The Pixies’ Frank Black. Maged’s new...