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Panda Bear – Tomboy (2011)

Tomboy begins shrouded in uncertainty. Noah Lennox’s words – “know you can count on me” – sound suspiciously like “no, you can’t count on me.” It’s the first album in which Lennox seems to have no idea how he wants to affect th...

Colin Stetson – New History Warfare, Vol. 2: Judges (2011)

It’s simply not often we’re given an album that wades through the ether of the unknown and uninhibited. This is why when Collin Stetson puts his lips to the reed; he proves that in the midst of gimmicky musical tricks and imper...


Danielson – Best of Gloucester County (2011)

Best of Gloucester County is an enjoyable and pleasant album, but its depth is limited. The moments of spiritual brevity are generally ephemeral, resulting in an album that sounds important but isn't necessarily so. It's akin t...

Of Montreal – thecontrollersphere (2011)

While still exploring the promiscuous ego of Georgie Fruit, Kevin Barnes cycles through their new EP, thecontrollersphere. Though he claims that the release's songs are merely leftovers from the False Priest sessions, it's hard...


Coma Cinema – Blue Suicide (2011)

“Is your heart too big for you to know that its broken?” asks Mat Cothran (sole member of Coma Cinema) on the yearning denouement of Blue Suicide. Cothran is ostensibly obsessed with the past, dwelling on failed tryst and subs...

Young Prisms – Friends for Now (2011)

If you find yourself tiring of familiar sounds while sitting atop the peak of modern critically acclaimed psychedelia, consider Young Prisms’ debut Friends for Now, an exhilarating breath of suspended free-fall into phosphoresc...