New Tracks

Matthew And The Arrogant Sea – “Webs”

Webs by Matthew And The Arrogant Sea A catchy rocker from Texas-based band Matthew And The Arrogant Sea, “Webs” enamors with a familiar, replay-inducing charm. The steady guitar-led playfulness conjures a Parklife-era

Bad Ass Beauty – “Blast Off”

Another impassioned rock single from Bad Ass Beauty, “Blast Off” continues the Los Angeles-based artist’s knack for rousing rock theatrics. Themes embrace savoring the moment, rather than focusing on problems ahead. The

Wotts – “blue”

A lush pop delight befitting of its typically chilled-out color, “blue” is the latest single from Canadian duo Wotts. Impressing previously with singles “LEMONADE” and “NO TAKE BACKS,” “blue” furthers the project’s

Jen Lush – “Lovers Parting, Dawn”

Lovers Parting, Dawn by Jen Lush Fusing poetic lyrical prowess with an evolving folk-rock appeal, “Lovers Parting, Dawn” is the first single from Jen Lush‘s upcoming album Hum Of The Mettle, out

Alex Klb – “Escape”

Take a nighttime drive with Alex Klb‘s “Escape” and you’re likely to become immersed in the neon lights whizzing by. The track struts a certain type of synthwave-minded soundscape that enamors in

Nevaris – “Dub Sol”

Reverberations by Nevaris NYC artist Nevaris struts a funky, soulful composure on “Dub Sol,” the lead single from the newly released Reverberations LP. Its title referencing the leading stylistic touching stones —

New Albums

Idle Moon – ‘NOMAD’

A ravishing album from Vancouver-based band Idle Moon, NOMAD unveils a suavely engrossing display of instrumental rock. Grooving bass lines and mystique-filled


virgin orchestra – ‘fragments’

Icelandic band virgin orchestra conjure a chilling, experimental sound throughout their debut album fragments. Fit for nighttime contemplation, the release’s blend of