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New Tracks

Sara Seyed – “Loopy”

December 9, 2019

Philly-based singer/songwriter Sara Seyed impresses on the track “Loopy,” showing a lush and entrancing vein of pop with nocturnal synths and plucked strings. I’m fondly reminded of Jessy Lanza’s aesthet...


James Mantis – “Pockets”

December 9, 2019

“Pockets” is a catchy, stylish synth-pop track from James Mantis. Aesthetically, the bursting synth-pop effervescence in the hook aligns with melodic vocals — touched with hint of falsetto — to remind of...


BisonBison – “Expanding”

December 9, 2019

“Expanding” shows an apt title, with its consuming song structure undergoing an enjoyable expansion process. Theatrical strings, swelling percussion, wordless vocal chants, and trickling acoustics kick this off, a s...


“Outlaster” showcases the suavely striking vocals of Natalie Bouloudis, set against a climatic guitar-based pull that intermingles with creeping strings. It’s a stellar track from the London-based artist. The ...

Soul / R&B

F.N. – “Evergreen”

December 4, 2019

Blending modern R&B with modern psych-leaning pop and rock sentiments, “Evergreen” is a consuming new track from F.N.. A backing organ complements twangy guitars to start, with the guitar soon fading in favor of...


“Don’t Believe Me” is a melodically melancholic success from Kid Nash, the project’s second single. Characterized as “a song of lament,” “Don’t Believe Me” sports glistening...

Lo-Fi Pop/Rock

Somniac – “Nobody”

December 4, 2019

Nobody by Somniac “Nobody” is a new track from Somniac, a project based out of Olympia, Washington. Described as “a song about loneliness in moving to the PNW,” “Nobody” showcases the project...


Reine – “Did I Mention”

December 4, 2019

“Did I Mention” is a spacey, effervescent new track from Reine, a British-French artist currently residing in Montreal. This dreamy pop success is the first single from the artist’s debut public release Eden, ...