New Tracks

Desert Magic – “Can You Be Like a Bird?”

Los Angeles-based collective Desert Magic unveil a gorgeously hypnotic folk enamoring on new single “Can You Be Like a Bird?” — emitting a free-spirited glow aptly reflective of its nature-friendly soundscape. The

Late Again – “Everything, Nothing”

A caressing, moody synth-driven intrigue shows on “Everything, Nothing,” a recent single from Late Again. Included on the act’s debut EP, the track stirs with its chilly atmospheric pull. Nocturnal guitar lines

Aaron James – “The Last Day of the Cold”

An affecting folk sound intertwines with a cathartic thematic grip on “The Last Day of the Cold,” a track from Memphis-based artist Aaron James. The release is described as “about the feeling

Lisa Cuthbert – “This Kind of Sin”

A new track from Irish singer/songwriter and producer Lisa Cuthbert, “This Kind of Sin” compels in its climactic atmospheric build — traversing from spacious dreaminess into an emotive escalation with post-rock expanse;

Social Creatures – “The Ravine”

A captivating single out today from the Brooklyn-based quartet Social Creatures, “The Ravine” boasts a commanding sound that blends inventive modern alt-rock with ’80s dance nostalgia. Clanging keys are quickly joined by

Mutanto – “Planting Tears (Plantado Lágrimas)”

Los Angeles-based artist Mutanto showcases a heady electronic intrigue on new single “Planting Tears (Plantado Lágrimas),” traversing through hypnotic bass warmness and lush synths to start. Per the artist, the single takes

Sam Caldwell – “dreams between”

“dreams between” is a memorable folk track from Los Angeles-based artist Sam Caldwell, paying homage to dreamers that embody courage in their pursuit of goals in the midst of obstacles. Further, the

New Albums

Seadog – ‘Internal Noise’

Brighton-based duo Seadog enthrall with an eclectic, melodic array of songs on their new album Internal Noise, spanning from the twangy rock