New Tracks

Jointheinternet – “Meet Me At The Armageddon”

Jointheinternet beckons to “Meet Me At The Armageddon” with this vibrant new single, representing the second single from their upcoming album, The Holy Bible Part 2. The Santa Barbara, CA-based project first

Pawl – “Windshield”

A gripping track with melodic sophisti-pop entrancement, “Windshield” comes via Pawl‘s forthcoming album MYSTIC, out on August 29th. Jazzy percussion, warming organs, and embracing vocal layers converge for an immersive sound, dazzling

Kallen Clossy – “Magician”

Buzzing guitars and a melodic vocal daze combine on the enveloping “Magician,” a track from Kallen Clossy that recalls a ’60s rock nostalgia in its hypnotic flair and title-referencing refrain. Shades of

The January Lanterns – “Take A Breather”

“Take A Breather” emits a soulful folk captivation, marking a certain success from The January Lanterns, the project of husband-wife duo Andrew and Kristen Camp. Their gorgeous vocals combine throughout, as the

Logan Pilcher – “Dreamer Boy”

A melodic, approachable rocker from Florida-based artist Logan Pilcher, “Dreamer Boy” moves with an amiable charm as vocals admit “you’re my missing color,” in smitten form. “Every word you speak is a

Paul Feder – “Paperclips”

An infectious, hypnotic dance-pop single from Brooklyn-based artist Paul Feder, “Paperclips” weaves a title-touting refrain amidst danceable synth effervescence and steady percussive pulses. The first single via the forthcoming EP Echoes, “Paperclips”

Spencer Skyline – “The Chase”

“The Chase” is a resonating new single from Spencer Skyline, an artist based in St. Petersburg, Florida who excels with an emotive pop/rock sound. “I don’t wanna wait until I die,” the

Monster Planet – “Blinded”

A newly formed project from Kansas City, Monster Planet struts an evolving pop captivation on new single “Blinded.” Synths and guitar intermingle with beautiful results, as vocals ascend from lush ruminations into

New Albums

Sarah Khatami – ‘stalemate’

A soulful entrancement takes hold throughout stalemate, the melodic debut album from Brooklyn-based artist Sarah Khatami. Inspired by Khatami’s first heartbreak, the


Christopher Lock – ‘Ephemerist’

A dynamic electronic album with gripping atmospheric variation, Ephemerist represents the debut full-length of NYC-based musician and violinist Christopher Lock. The artist’s