New Tracks

Noh Kitty – “It’s Not the Same”

Colorado-based artist Noh Kitty projects an ample rock mystique on “It’s Not the Same.” A swell of guitar distortion and steady vocals concoct a ’90s alt-rock nostalgia, then venturing into an eerie

Sam Wrangle – “Future Copy”

A jangly engrossment compels on “Future Copy,” a single from Sam Wrangle. The Brisbane, Australia-based Wrangle infuses an escalating jangle-pop allure alongside literary lyrical prowess, emphasizing the “gatekeeper” and “the other side”

Planet 81 – “Moneymaker”

The project’s namesake referencing its aspirations to an audible 1981 setting, Planet 81 strut a charismatic synth-pop and funk-tinged rock dazzling on new single “Moneymaker.” “The goal was to produce a record

Au Revoir Heart + Siam Jem – “She and Me”

Bouncy keys and twangy guitars cast a timeless-sounding allure on new single “She and Me,” a collaboration via the projects Au Revoir Heart and Siam Jem. Written, recorded, mixed, and mastered by

Pascal Holper – “Aphelion”

A neoclassical beauty with a stirringly melancholic composure, "Aphelion" is a new single from Austrian artist Pascal Holper. Strings, piano, and synthesizer assemble on this heartfelt composition, which represents Holper's first solo

Richard Tyler Epperson – “Another Day (Unplugged)”

A heartrending track out today from Salt Lake City-based artist Richard Tyler Epperson, “Another Day (Unplugged)” journeys from mellow folk-forward introspection to a stirring rock-pop conclusion. Themes of resilience permeate throughout, as

3Fifs – “Big Drip”

A charismatic, bass-y hip-hop sound consumes on “Big Drip,” a single from St. Louis-born, Florida-based artist 3Fifs (Three Fifs). A quick-swiping title-touting hook proves infectious in between the impeccable flow within the

New Albums

Rupert Cox – ‘Search Party’

London-based artist Rupert Cox consumes on his debut album Search Party, melding elements of folk, jazz, and dance with eclectic appeal. “I


David Taro – ‘This Is Not The End’

Captivating previously with singles “Judy” and “The Answer,” South London-based artist David Taro further displays his gripping songwriting across newly released full-length


Vamoosery – ‘Moving Forward’

Hailing from Coventry, UK, female-fronted alt-rockers Vamoosery compel with a range of inspirational, expressive successes on their new album Moving Forward. Raucous