New Tracks

Infinitefreefall – “Being the Heretic”

As the autumnal weather begins to take hold, the moody post-punk and dream-pop synergy within “Being the Heretic” makes for a delightfully apt listen. The stellar track comes via Infinitefreefall, a project

Olivia Junholm – “Feelings Too”

“Feelings Too” is a ravishing new single from Olivia Junholm, a Los Angeles-based, Swedish pop singer/songwriter. Lyrics convey the turbulent emotions of love — from the smitten initial entrancement to infidelity and

Beauty Queens – “Genuine Leather”

Cardiff-based duo Beauty Queens strut a stylish appeal on “Genuine Leather,” showcasing a hypnagogic pop appeal with a sort of late-night rumination. Eerie, submerged vocal feelings arise into peppier guitar jangles, traversing

Doc Emmett – “A Mile A Minute”

New Jersey-based artist Doc Emmett conjures a melodic, nostalgic rock appeal on “A Mile A Minute,” a success that enamors in both its starry-eyed synths and anthemic guitar lines. The expansive rock

Vinter – “Mirror”

Expanding from glistening subtleties into a trickling expanse of atmospheric synths, intense rhythms, and brassy swells, “Mirror” is a gripping new single from London-based artist Vinter, the project of Oscar Vinter. The

War Violet – “Different Formations”

A powerful track with introspections on alienation, identity, and the search for meaning, "Different Formations" comes via War Violet, the project of New York-based musician and songwriter Jummy Aremu.

Rose Rutledge – “Inhale”

Brooklyn-based artist Rose Rutledge crafts an immersive success with new single “Inhale,” traversing with an evolving, meditative glow throughout. Wordless vocals invigorate throughout amidst shimmering woodwinds and patient percussive accompaniments. The meshing

Grace McLean – “My Lovely Enemy”

“My Lovely Enemy” is exemplary of the riveting, theatrical songwriting from NYC-based artist Grace McLean. Releasing ahead of the debut full-length My Lovely Enemy, out next year, the title track stirs in

New Albums

Audri – ‘Sugar for the Flies’ EP

Seattle-based producer and songwriter Audri delivers an impressive sound throughout her latest EP, Sugar for the Flies. Impassioned rock and orchestral-laden chamber-pop