New Tracks

Pleasantville – “Where is the lie?”

“Where is the lie?” incorporates moody piano lines, debonair vocals, and erupting guitars for a memorable sound from Pleasantville. The track represents the third single from the band, which is led by

bloodsports – “Canary”

Brooklyn-based band bloodsports explore a shoegaze-friendly direction on new single “Canary.” Gorgeous waves of guitar distortion quickly envelop, falling back into a warming dose of ’90s alt-rock nostalgia as lethargic vocal charm

Jacob Giaimo – “Temple”

“Temple” is a track out today from Jacob Giaimo, emitting a heartfelt rock appeal with a crisp array of guitars and emotive vocals. “I’ll be here, in your arms,” they let out

Alexander Greenfield – “Poltergeist”

Belgian artist Alexander Greenfield unveils a climactic prog-rock appeal with horror-film intrigue on new single “Poltergeist,” immersing with haunting piano and simmering string-forward momentum amidst haunting vocal whispers. Chilly strings and ghostly

Akage Design Co – “EunuchKorn”

“EunuchKorn” is an atmospheric electronic single from Akage Design Co, an elusive artist who excels with a balanced array of dreamy lushness and danceable bustling. Glistening synths float with an ethereal engrossment,

Sinnet – “Laundry Mountain”

Massachusetts-based band Sinnet showcase a hooky rock radiance on new single "Laundry Mountain." Warming guitar twangs glide into glowing synths, kickstarting "Laundry Motion" with an amiable accessibility.

TESHA – “Come Down”

From understated dreaminess to swampy rock entrancement, “Come Down” is a stellar single from Brooklyn-based artist TESHA. The sporadic, click-clacking “fire-starter,” first half builds a feverish sense of momentum into the “not

Hi Moon – “One Note You’re Welcome”

Chicago-based project Hi Moon craft an enchanting sound on new single “One Note You’re Welcome,” melding soaring strings and trickling guitars for a calming, meditative spell. The slight percussive pit-pattering furthers the

New Albums

von Krogh – ‘WAVES’

Oslo-based band von Krogh depict the turbulent aspect of life’s ups and downs within an emotive production on their new album WAVES.