New Tracks

Permanent Resident – “Ashes For Dreams”

Evolving from folk-friendly introspection into a hooky rock vigor, “Ashes For Dreams” is a new single from Melbourne-based band Permanent Resident. “It’s far too hot to be feeling like this,” the initial

Neon Massacre – “Hey Siri”

A piano-set introspection stirs on “Hey Siri,” a compelling new single from Neon Massacre. The singer/songwriter is originally from North Wales, and is presently based in Liverpool. The track enamors in its

COVVES – “Sleepwalking”

“Sleepwalking” blends atmospheric synths and guitar-laden momentum with a nocturnal glow — “city never sleeps,” — for a captivating sound from Munich-based act COVVES. Asking if “I’m sleepwalking all my life?” compels

KS – “Unlucky”

A catchy synth-pop success from Venezuelan artist KS, “Unlucky” balances darkly invigorating synth/guitar interplay with lush vocal intrigue. The project of musician and filmmaker Jose Zambrano Cassella, KS showcases an infectious blend

Diet Product – “Whole New Game”

Elusive new project Diet Product crafts a swelling pop intrigue on “Whole New Game,” which traverses from a hazy, warm synth-laden buzzing into an anthemic pop spirit. An excitable percussive fill signals

Jointheinternet – “Meet Me At The Armageddon”

Jointheinternet beckons to “Meet Me At The Armageddon” with this vibrant new single, representing the second single from their upcoming album, The Holy Bible Part 2. The Santa Barbara, CA-based project first

Pawl – “Windshield”

A gripping track with melodic sophisti-pop entrancement, “Windshield” comes via Pawl‘s forthcoming album MYSTIC, out on August 29th. Jazzy percussion, warming organs, and embracing vocal layers converge for an immersive sound, dazzling

Kallen Clossy – “Magician”

Buzzing guitars and a melodic vocal daze combine on the enveloping “Magician,” a track from Kallen Clossy that recalls a ’60s rock nostalgia in its hypnotic flair and title-referencing refrain. Shades of

New Albums

JENTL – ‘People Change’ EP

NYC-based trio JENTL impress with a hooky, eclectic pop arsenal on their sophomore EP, People Change. Funky charisma, spacey electro-pop, and fun