New Tracks

Kathleen Russo – “Dance of Redemption”

A stirring display in songwriting from Kathleen Russo, “Dance of Redemption” struts a charismatic array of piano, brass, and rhythms — resulting in a triumphant-sounding success. The glistening, vibrant release continues the

V of 40M – “The Score”

An infectious beat and compelling vocal deliveries impress throughout “The Score,” a recent single from V of 40M that features fellow 40M members, 40M Tye and Hippie G. An intoxicating blend of

Snowcuffs – “Uptown”

A new single from Chicago-based band Snowcuffs, “Uptown” enthralls with a dreamy rock spaciousness, intertwining lush vocals and textured guitar escalations with gorgeous entrancement. Shades of Mazzy Star and Wolf Alice show

Lenny Zen – “Comfortable”

“Comfortable” is another melodic showing from Chicago-raised, San Diego-based artist Lenny Zen. Impressing last month with the single “Carousel,” the artist continues an aesthetical entrancement here — melding starry-eyed synths, funky bass

CHAFT – “High” + “Fever”

A couple new singles from Boston-based project CHAFT, “High” and “Fever” showcase the eclectic and charismatic rock output from the solo venture of multi-instrumentalist Derek Miller. Prior to moving to Boston, Miller

Ralph Raymond – “Endlessly”

Alternating seamlessly between fuzzy alt-rock infectiousness and sunset-ready introspection, “Endlessly” is a new single from Ralph Raymond. Hailing from Chicago’s South Side, the artist’s initial roots were as a rapper, and now

Desert Magic – “Can You Be Like a Bird?”

Los Angeles-based collective Desert Magic unveil a gorgeously hypnotic folk enamoring on new single “Can You Be Like a Bird?” — emitting a free-spirited glow aptly reflective of its nature-friendly soundscape. The

Late Again – “Everything, Nothing”

A caressing, moody synth-driven intrigue shows on “Everything, Nothing,” a recent single from Late Again. Included on the act’s debut EP, the track stirs with its chilly atmospheric pull. Nocturnal guitar lines

New Albums

Bending Grid – ‘Parallax’

Parallax is a gripping double album from electronic artist Bending Wave, impressing across both lush, spacey atmospheric builds and infectious electro-pop stompers.


Scott Clay – ‘Jade’

Possessing a gripping sound that spans from heartfelt folk ballads to rousing Americana escalations, Jade is the riveting sixth studio album from