New Tracks

PFFU – “(basking }} baking)”

The first single from their debut album, “(basking }} baking)” comes from New York-based artist PFFU. Slabs of guitar distortion complement a vocal nonchalance, exuding a debonair ’90s rock nostalgia. Whirring distortion

Draumr – “Slowly Burning Feelings”

A single out today from Draumr, “Slowly Burning Feelings” is another dreamy pop success from the Parisian artist — following past gems like “Elsewhere Forever” and “In A Daze.” Chirpy guitar jangles,

Buddy Crime – “Move Around”

Louisville-based solo artist Buddy Crime struts a stylish ’80s nostalgia on the funky new track “Move Around.” The intro dazzles with the familiar Seinfeld bass sample driving into gyrating synths and twinkling

Firebird Union – “Higher Ground”

“Higher Ground” is a catching debut single from Firebird Union. The project comprises two brothers, one living in Los Angeles and the other in London. Despite this distance, the creative energies of

Sahara CyberStars – “Light Shines into a Space”

“Light Shines into a Space” is the latest single from the duo Sahara CyberStars, showing an eclectic throwback rock sound with light-against-darkness themes. The project comprises singer/songwriters Dave Long and Trish Long,

DECEITS – “Every Promise”

Los Angeles-based band DECEITS showcase their bustling post-punk vigor on "Every Promise," the second single from their forthcoming debut album. Per the band, the track "tells a story about love and loss,

Middle Priest – “Fingernail”

Los Angeles-based rockers Middle Priest infuse introspective acoustics and rousing rock rises alike on the gripping new single “Fingernail,” the second single from their upcoming debut EP, I thought that I was

New Albums

Marlene Larsen – ‘Galore’ EP

The debut EP from France-based artist Marlene Larsen, Galore packs an emotional punch in its heartfelt lyrical realness and evolving melodic engrossment,