We know how to dance!

I find it interesting how often the synth fad fades in and out over the years. A few years ago, any band using it


DJ Shadow – Erase You (featuring Chris James) [audio:https://obscuresound.com/mp3/p8/dj-era.mp3] DJ Shadow – Seein’ Thangs (featuring David Banner) [audio:https://obscuresound.com/mp3/p8/dj-see.mp3] Josh Davis (DJ Shadow) has long

What Made Milwaukee Famous

Admittedly, I did not know much about What Made Milwaukee Famous before they signed to Barsuk. That’s not to say they didn’t have success

SHORT BITS – 7/19/06

We have a MySpace page now… check it out and add us! The nominations for the Mercury music prize have been announced, including Arctic

Matthew Friedberger

Though he has a rather serious look on his face in the above photo, Matthew Friedberger‘s music has some of the most fun and


Billy Preston died yesterday at the age of 59. The talented musician was best known for his work with The Beatles and The Rolling


David Bowie made a surprise appearance at David Gilmour’s show on the 29th at the sold-out Royal Albert Hall in London. He played Pink


Though David Bowie is taking the year off, he will curate the High Line Festival in New York in May 2007. It is quite