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Silver Swans – Forever (2012)

Silver Swans are a duo from San Fran that excel in tightly constructed, electro-leaning pop gems. Despite the West Coast leanings, they sound like natives of the Swedish electro-pop scene, a highly versatile breeding ground for...

Obscure Sound: Best of February 2011

This is a wonderful day. February is no more, and finally we can bid farewell to the dullness and bitter cold of the month. Suitably enough, I was sick for the majority of it. Now that March is here, it is hardly surprising tha...


Silver Swans’ Secret

I am accustomed to quality material from Twentyseven Media. The NYC-based label broke out local bands like The Drums and This Is Ivy League, exposed underrated Swedish gems (Acid House Kings, Irene, Pelle Carlberg) to American ...