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Jeremy Fisher’s Flood

Three years removed from his last full-length album, Canadian sensation Jeremy Fisher follows through with his most complete album yet. Released on October 25th, Flood is an outstanding collection of indie-folk tunes that will ...

Adam Haworth Stephens

Two Gallants have not been very active since we last checked. An EP, The Scenery of Farewell, and their self-titled album were both released in 2007, and they remain the band’s latest material. This is a bit odd consideri...


Timber Timbre

Although it can be classified as one of the most straightforward terms in music theory, timbre also holds the status as being one of the most audibly important. If music lacked timbre, it would be as if a language was running o...

Obscure Sound: Best of March 2008

In terms of style, March seemed to have it all. Whether you find yourself personally enamored with neo-psychedelia (Jim Noir, Fujifabric), throwback folk (The Tallest Man On Earth, Sera Cahoone), epic post-rock (Our Sleepless F...


The Tallest Man On Earth Digs a Shallow Grave

Towering over the rest of us at a height of 8’6”, Leonid Stadnyk is the tallest living man in the world. It is a record that requires little endurance and skill to achieve, mainly relying on good (or bad) fortune. Still though,...