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Brazos Play the Phosphorescent Blues

When looking back to our high school days, many of us can likely remember reading Thoreau’s Walden. Even those turned off by the primary philosophy of transcendentalism have grasped the value of such a classic, as Thoreau...

The Tallest Man On Earth Digs a Shallow Grave

Towering over the rest of us at a height of 8’6”, Leonid Stadnyk is the tallest living man in the world. It is a record that requires little endurance and skill to achieve, mainly relying on good (or bad) fortune. Still though,...


The Sugar Oaks Go Picking for Red Grapes in the City

Appropriately in sync with the luminous setting of their originative Orlando, Florida, The Sugar Oaks produce a form of indie-pop that is reflective of amiably warm summer days, with their breezy melodies and lush instrumentati...