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White Rose Movement – Pig Heil Jam


New Order, Joy Division and Depeche Mode are still being constantly named the main influence to numerous present-day bands such as Interpol and She Wants Revenge, but rarely does a band incorporate influences from all three. White Rose Movement is such a breath of fresh air in these generic days of duplicaters, that their potential is already earning them a great deal of hype in the UK. Their first single, ‘Girls In The Back’ sounds as if the band have been around for quite some time, though it is really their debut. ‘Pig Heil Jam’ may be one of the most interesting songs of the year so far, with verse after verse preparing for an explosive hook, echoing comparisons of those 80s superstars we all know and love. White Rose Movement is definitely a band to keep an eye on.
Video: Girls In The Back

The Concretes – Tomorrow


The Concretes hail from Stockholm, Sweden. We have seen an incredible array of artists from Sweden such as Yngwie Malmsteen, Arne Domnᅢᄅrus, and even ABBA, but The Concretes have a distinct twee-pop feel, which results in a warm following after their breakthrough debut album, Boy, You Better Run Now. Though several critics argue The Concretes never reached the brilliance of their debut, their musical styles seem to keep enhancing. Their new album, Concretes In Colour, appears to be their most diverse album yet. The delightful ‘Tomorrow’ is easy listening at it’s finest, creating a smooth flow that remains consistant and memorable.
Video: Say Something New

Delays – Lillian


Vocalist Greg Gilbert certainly has a unique voice, reaching high tones that Justin Hawkins would fear. Nonetheless, The Delays are no joke. As shown in 2004’s, Faded Seaside Glamour, The Delays are capable of top-notch catchy Britpop. Creating a sound like no other, ‘Valentine’ will certainly be one of the more memorable British singles of 2006 but ‘Lillian’, off of their new album You See Colours, is a gem of sorts. With all the woo-hoo’s and catchy choruses – The Delays are destined to remain on top.
Videos: Valentine, Lost In A Melody

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