It’s been buzzing around that Interpol signed to Interscope. It’s a step up to the mainstream, which could be upsetting — but their talent should still shine. The band is often criticized for lack of originality, but really, they make some outstanding music. Their third album is slated for a late 2006/early 2007 release. I hope that Interpol will maintain their sound and not attempt to make songs whose sole purpose is to appear on MTV.


Radiohead indicates they are very excited about their new material, which will be played on their tour. In fact, it’s apparently so exciting that they are worried how complex it is to play. Thom Yorke said, “Some of the random stuff we have at the moment could be the most exciting. We’re trying to figure out how on earth we will be able to play some of it.” Yorke said though that the band performs best when they are not worried about mistakes though, so they’ll most certainly be fine. He also announced that they will be releasing new material online steadily instead of releasing a new album in twelve months without any samples. ( source ) They have also announced that they will be playing the US and Canada starting this June. ( source )


Morrissey retracted his statements about the Arctic Monkeys being rubbish, and he actually compared their new success to when The Smiths first started. The hype may be similar, but as for the music — The Smiths would take the cake by a long shot. ( source ) Noel Gallagher (Oasis) also compared the Arctic Monkeys’ success to theirs. ( source ). It’s really quite amusing how they got compliments from two very cocky (but great) musicians.


A Broadway musical concerning Bruce Lee has been confirmed, connecting David Bowie to its development. It’s set to be a simple “low-tech show” with no special humans flying on wires. I’m curious what to see what Bowie specifically has to do with this. ( source ) 


Witty British rapper Mike Skinner (The Streets) played a secret show in East London showcasing material from their newest album, The Hardest Way To Make An Easy Living. I’m not much for rap, but Skinner’s previous songs such as ‘Dry Your Eyes’ and ‘Fit But You Know It’ are certainly great and amusing stuff. I’m looking forward to the new album. ( source )


Brian Eno is recording with Roxy Music for the first time in thirty years. My anticipation for their new album, due later this year, has just risen significantly. ( source )


Jose Gonzalez signed to Mute Records. Its refreshing to see a talent like him sign to a more significant label. His debut album, Veneer, will be re-released and I strongly recommend it — he’s a fantastic acoustic songwriter. ( source )


New tour information for Hot Chip, The Strokes, and Elbow. New album information for The Who, Matmos (samples posted earlier), and The Cardigans.

Another update will be posted later today

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