LIVE: Pulp – 06/24/95 – Glastonbury Festival, Somerset, England

NME probably summed this show up the best when they proclaimed it the 67th best moment in rock history (see here). Indeed, 1995 to many was the year of the Brit-pop explosion and Pulp was at the forefront of it. Jarvis Cocker remains one of, if not my favorite, lyricist of all time and his general demeanor makes him an outstanding frontman unparallel to not many. From the unresistable catchiness of ‘Razzmatazz’ to the exquisite seven-minute version of ‘Common People’, this is definitely not one to miss.

01     Intro
02     Do You Remember the First Time
03     Razzmatazz
04     Monday Morning
05     Underwear
06     Sorted for E’s and Whizz
07     Disco 2000
08     Joyriders
09     Acrylic Afternoons
10     Misshapes
11     Pink Glove
12     Babies
13     Common People
14     Something Changed
15     I Spy


Mike Mineo

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  1. i was at that gig and it was excellent – i’ve never exactly been a britpop fan but there was something going on at Glastonbury that year which couldn’t be ignored… good to hear it again…

  2. …was after ‘Mis-shapes’ and stumbled across this treasure trove…talk about character, this band has it all! ‘This Is Hardcore’, the video is simply unparalleled…but back to Glastonbury, excellent! thankyou for making it available!

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