Ah, nostalgia at its finest. I’m sure many of us can look back at our childhoods during our crazy times, and pinpoint certain bands to go along with certain events, well this is my case anyways. Sonic Youth are one of those rare bands that still are going strong after three decades of brilliant music. Thurston Moore, Kim Gordon, and company have always seemed to manage such a precise and active formula in creating songs. Sonic Youth continue their great career in their new album, Rather Ripped, which releases later this year. The brilliant guitars that made them so visionary with Sister and Daydream Nation are still consistant and great. Rather Ripped is much more accessible than their previous release, Sonic Nurse, which was also a great effort, but at times was too innovative for some tastes.

I won’t waste my time describing the first two songs off of Rather Ripped. ‘Incinerate’ is outstanding, and ‘Reena’ is a very fitting opener. All I can say is that Sonic Youth fans will not be disappointed. Also, new listeners will find it appealing as well as the two songs are some of their more accessible stuff in years. Unlike some other big names that release albums this year, I sincerely doubt that Rather Ripped will disappoint.


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  1. Sonic Youth kündigen ihr neues Album an…

    “Rather Ripped” wird es heißen und erscheint in den USA am 13.06.2006. Stehts zumindest auf der Bandseite bei Universal. Und auf der bandeigenen Homepage liest sich das dann so:


  2. […] Listening Sonic Youth insipired by the new coming album and the link I gave you a couple of days ago. And again, go here and listen “Incinerate”. very simple, very poppy, very good. I think I’ll have to get the new albums and old ones, probably. There’s so much. […]

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