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Donovan – A Gift from a Flower to a Garden

I’m going to throw some Donovan your way on this tiresome Monday, because we all love cheery and poppy folk rock on a day like today. Donovan was proclaimed as the next Bob Dylan at the time of his arrival, and though he released a string of extremely strong albums which evolved into a great career, he never recieved the appropriate critical reception or fitting sales for their acclaim. Still though, he is regarded as one of the most influential folk artists of the twentieth century.

I chose three songs off of my favorite Donovan album, A Gift from a Flower to a Garden. Released in 1967 (and remastered as recently as 2000), the album seems to play like a greatest hits, while it is not. All twenty-two songs, while relatively short, are catchy and witty and extremely satisfying. The three songs below follow one another, and all three are fantastic, particulary ‘There Was A Time’. If you haven’t checked out any Donovan, I strongly suggest that you start with A Gift from a Flower to a Garden.


Donovan – There Was A Time



Donovan – Oh Gosh



Donovan – Little Boy in Corduroy




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