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MUSIC DOWNLOADS: Colored Shadows

I really enjoy when bands set a musical atmosphere and stick to it. California’s Colored Shadows are an atmospheric indie pop quartet that could sound like anywhere from Pink Floyd and David Bowie to The Flaming Lips or The Auteurs. Combining lushly arranged synthetical arrangements with bursting guitars and percussion, they are making a name for themselves at a rapid pace. They currents have two EPs in their catalog: Tiger Mask EP and Self Titled EP. They are both recommended and can be purchased via the band’s web site.

‘Life After Love’, off of the Tiger Mask EP was the song from Colored Shadows that really grabbed my attention the most. The catchiness is due to the great progression and mix of vocals, with lyrics that do not disappoint. “Before they catch me, I’m gonna give myself away, and show you life after love,” is sung in the chorus in such a delicate manner. ‘Stay Awake’ contains more synth, but it is slower than the preceding and more dramatic, until the exploding guitars enter about a minute later, until it slower cascades into lush synths again. Don’t be surprised if you hear more about Colored Shadows in the near future.


Colored Shadows – Life After Love



Colored Shadows – Stay Awake



Colored Shadows – Moscow



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I’m seeing Depeche Mode tonight. I’ll post some impressions sometime after the show.

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