Lambchop‘s record label, Merge, calls them “Nashville’s most fucked up country band.” From their early beginnings as Posterchild about twenty years ago, they have been combining country, jazz, and soul to make a unique and influential sound. They claim that on a normal day in the studio, the instruments consist of: “two guitars, one bass, two drummers, pedal steel guitar, open-end wrenches, lacquer-thinner can, organ, xylophone, euphonium, trombone, baritone sax, trumpet, clarinet, bongoes, resonating metal square, and a vanilla extract bottle.” Despite all those interesting sounds, the most interesting and unique sound of all in Lambchop is vocalist Kurt Wagner. Wagner’s effective intentional monotonous and smooth vocals prove to be highly effective as they are sang over precise lyrics about a range of topics, ranging from melancholy to humor.

Though they have already released an album of b-sides this year (buy), they have an album of completely new material titled Damaged, which is releasing this August. ‘I Would Have Waited Here All Day’ and ‘The Rise And Fall Of The Letter P’ are both off of Damaged, and are good examples of Lambchop’s general sound. They have yet to release a disappointing album, and I doubt that this will be their first.


Lambchop – The Rise And Fall Of The Letter P



Lambchop – I Would Have Waited Here All Day



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