Kaiser Chiefs’ frontman Ricky Wilson’s acrobatic skills eventually paid off when he was hit by a car earlier this week. He apparently used one of his super jumps which is not a common trademark for white dudes not named Dirk Nowitzki. Good news though, as he escaped with no major injuries and no touring plans are affected at the moment ( source ). Deerhoof’s bassist, Chris Cohen, has left the band to pursue his other project, The Curtains. While another apparent indie dream job is open, the real reason why he quit is probably that he could not hear his own bass tone over Satomi’s vocals ( source ). The Arctic Monkeys’ bassist, Andy Nicholson, departed recently as well, stating “fatigue” as the issue. Oh, come on. Nick O’Malley will be standing in on the tour for the departed Nicholson ( source ).


Jonny Greenwood talks about how Radiohead is going back to straight-out guitar rock (a la The Bends) ( source ). I guess Thom’s electronic side will just go towards his solo album, Eraser, due in July, which Pitchfork had a first listen of today. I wanted Radiohead tickets for Madison Square Garden, but $200 a ticket is too much for some student like me.


Modest Mouse has returned from their reported “lay-off” and will resume playing shows with a new album set to be released in 2007. Tickets will sell well ( source ). Lou Reed will be opening the ceremony for the opening of the new World Trade Center. Good choice ( source ).


Since MySpace is the new anorexia in the world of celebs, M.I.A. said through her page that she was denied entry into the USA! She was set to work on her follow-up to the critically acclaimed Arular, but now she is forced to do her business outside of US soil for the time being. No one knows why she was denied entry, exactly ( source ).


Axl Rose vs. Tommy Hilfiger! As good as Chuck Norris vs. Bruce Lee? Probably more entertaining. Hilfiger apparently slapped Rose at Rosario Dawson’s birthday party, when Rose was moving Hilfiger’s girlfriend’s drink so that it wouldn not spill. The best part about the whole thing though, was that when Rose opened with a surprise acoustic set, he dedicated ‘You’re Crazy’ to “my good friend Tommy Hilfiger” ( source ). Oh, and a violin has sold for $3,500,000, created in 1707 by Antonio Stradivarius. You can bet that it sounds nice ( source ). Oh, and ASCAP voted 50 Cent the songwriter of the year. Ass Cap? Yeah, a fitting abbreviation for once ( source ).


New material info: Daughters, Apples In Stereo, Blood Brothers, Twista, The Knife, Spoon, Supergrass, Green Day, Cat Stevens, Priestess, The Strokes, DJ Shadow, The Game, Lil Jon, Charlambides, The Black Keys


New tour info: Matmos, Cursive, Gorilla Biscuits, Tool, Kanye West, The Coup, Ray Davies, Jamie Lidell (with Beck), Tilly and the Wall, Izzy Stradlin, Devendra Banhart

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