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What a crazy day of sports yesterday. Fist fights, broken records (714*), and Mo showing who the real sandman is, and an odd injury to the golden horse. Anyways, it looks like another relaxing Sunday. Here are some songs that are in the rotation:


The Pet Shop Boys – Casanova in Hell


The new Pet Shop Boys album, Fundamental, is nothing less than solid. Though they have taken a slower route and more songs are more emotionally drawn, I don’t see any drop in quality despite what some close-minded fans are saying. It is one of their best albums in years, in my opinion. ‘Casanova in Hell’ is one of my favorites off the album, telling the tale of a reluctant male who once did good with the ladies, but now his failure to get an erection really is the end of his world. Leave it to the PSB to leave in all the metaphors about the importance of age and sex in society. I’m loving it.


The Futureheads – Cope


This is another new one. The particular song is about one trying to be cool, but failing every single time. I believe that all of us probably know someone like this in our lives. I certainly do. Their new album, News and Tributes, is typical enjoyable Futureheads. If you like this track, I highly recommend the album.


Hans Band – 떨림증


I hope the Korean characters didn’t screw with the page. Anyways, I can’t read Korean so I don’t know what the actual song title is in English, but all I need to know is that it’s catchy as hell. Hans Band consists of three young girls who know how to sing. You don’t need to understand what the song is about to enjoy it. Oh, and if anyone knows Korean, feel free to tell us anything you can about it. It’s off of their album 3집.


The Figurines – Race You


Chances are that if The Figurines reach great fame, they’ll be thanking some blogs. I’ve seen them all over music blogs over the past few months, and rightfully so. Their debut album, Skeleton, gives us fourteen songs of enjoyable quality. ‘Race You’ opens the album up with a piano-driven emotional piece, one of which is done particulary well.

Tom Waits – Cemetery Polka


Of course you’ve heard Tom Waits. If you haven’t, you’re missing out. This is off his classic Rain Dogs, which is considered one of Waits’ best, which is saying a lot. ‘Cemetery Polka’ is less than two minutes, but highly effective. One of my many music wishes is to see Tom live, of which I heard great stories. Maybe I’ll get a chance later in the year.

Stars of Track and Field – Let Ken Green


I remember this band got a lot of attention last year for being compared to bands such as Radiohead and The Flaming Lips. While those may seem conventional, I see more comparisons to late shoegaze bands. Their EP, You Came Here for Sunset Last Year, is pretty cool. They really know how to set an atmosphere.

Bauhaus – Passion of Lovers


I never really got into Bauhaus, as I only own a greatest hits, but this song is exceptional. I know the goth kids like this band, and I can see why. The dark sound is certainly fitting for the haunting vocals. Very well done, and I would recommend Crackle.

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