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ALBUM PREVIEW: Whitest Boy Alive – Dreams

Though their name may provide a suitable fit, Whitest Boy Alive is not a solo rap project by some random white kid in the suburbs. It’s actually the opposite. Hailing from Berlin, Germany, Whitest Boy Alive started out as an electronic dance band, but slowly but steadily shifted into a pure band with no electronic elements. That’s right — guitars, bass, keyboards, and drums with stellar production, suitable vocals, and catchy melodies. Their new album Dreams was recorded live, something that seems to be the new fad these days.

Their sounds can vary, from the excitable opener ‘Burning’ to the mellow and downbeat ‘Don’t Give Up’. ‘Burning’ has one of those melodies that are instantly likable after the first few seconds. The bass and drums take over for much of the beginning of the song, until the gracious guitar melody kicks back in and provides some new emotion. ‘Figures’ is a track that eventually builds up into a layer of hooks, while ‘Don’t Give Up’ is a beautiful song led by likable keys, eventually building up a nice guitar hook. I strongly recommend Dreams.


Whitest Boy Alive – Burning



Whitest Boy Alive – Don’t Give Up



Whitest Boy Alive – Figures



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