ALBUM PREVIEW: Jeremy Enigk – World Waits

Sunny Day Real Estate were one of those 90s bands that had the talent and underground folowings, but could never reach the fame that bands such as Nirvana or the Smashing Pumpkins had. Sunny Day Real Estate was led by talented Jeremy Enigk. When the band disbanded, three of the original members (including Enigk) released an album under the name of The Fire Theft. It was warmly recieved, but Enigk later shifted his focus to his solo career, and is set to release his second solo album in ten years on October 17th, which is called World Waits. The world has indeed been waiting patiently for this one.

The album opens with a very strong instrumental piece in ‘A New Beginning’, only a minute and a half long. The bells and strings are very dramatic, and it really sets a nice tone for the album, though the general mood in the latter part of the album is quite different. It then shifts into ‘Been Here Before’, which is my favorite on the album. It’s Enigk at his best, with his talented vocals ranging over mellow pads and a simply arranged guitar. The chorus is gradually introduced, and then enhanced with some sort of organ in the bridge, and a more aggressive guitar and it proves to be very effective. ‘Damien Dreams’ is very lo-fi that gradually builds into a bit of a vocal showcase by Enigk, who really shows his range and reminds me of Eddie Vedder at some points. The album has yet to strike me as much as his first solo album, Return of the Frog Queen, but chances are that this one will be a grower as well.

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