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Few bands are fortunate enough to have the musical ability to capture a mood that really grabs you with distinct originality and passion. A Shoreline Dream seems to have the talent in all the right places to do so. The serene shoegaze quartet from Denver present their album art and official web site like it’s some upcoming psychedelic movie, casting the four in their respectable musical positions. If the songs were actually revolving around a movie, they would have the right idea, as the band has key instinct on capturing atmosphere and emotion. The tracks on their debut album Avoiding The Consequences all seem to be in a suitably consistent dark flow, with several tracks being entirely instrumental. Regardless whether vocals are involved or not, each and every song manages to capture the efficient amount of effort and enjoyment.

‘Love Is A Ghost In America’ seems to be getting the most attention on the album, with spine-tingling vocals and guitar echos that are reminiscent of Slowdive and Ride. It will be featured on several indie magazine compilations this fall (Filter, Landmark Theatres), so it may have only been a matter of time before you heard it either way. Ryan Policky has the proper fixture on his reflective vocals that enhance the already luscious atmosphere that A Shoreline Dream manages to create. ‘Focus The Present’ is a more intense arrangement, even sounding more similar to Placebo without Brian Molko’s whiney vocals. The entire six and a half minutes manages to construct a poetic tale of sound that pulls you in through most of the length, with ‘Laying This One Down Now’ containing similar properties, though in a more instrumental front. I’m enjoying their debut album quite a bit and fans of the genre will most likely find it engaging as well. Avoiding The Consequences will be released this Tuesday.

A Shoreline Dream – Love Is A Ghost In America



A Shoreline Dream – Focus The Present



A Shoreline Dream – Laying This One Down Now



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  1. A Shoreline Dream, Denver’s own quintet back at the Bluebird Theater January 26th with The Knew, Lion Sized and The Life There Is.

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