New Mazzy Star Album in 2012

Mazzy Star – Common Burn

Mazzy Star – Lay Myself Down

Fans of dream-pop do not have to wait long for an old favorite. Mazzy Star will be releasing a new album, as well as touring in 2012. Hope Sandoval and David Roback will be back on the road early next year before releasing their fourth full-length album. No official release date has been announced and details are scarce. The duo developed a cult following after success in the early ’90s, later proving to be hugely influential on many contemporary dream-pop and folk acts like Beach House to Grizzly Bear.

Mazzy Star’s double single Common Burn”/ “Lay Myself Down should help satiate fans until the album is released. The double single was released on 10/31, and is their first official release since Among My Swan was released in 1996. At this point, the new album is untitled.

Hope Sandoval’s Official Site / BUY

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