Wilco Defend Most Recent Album, Lyrcs

Jeff Tweedy, lead singer and songwriter for Wilco, was recently interviewed by The Sun. What he revealed about the band’s lyrics was a bit surprising.

“As a writer I don’t take my lyrics nearly as seriously as a lot of people do,” he said. “I enjoy singing them not because they’re poignant, but because they make me smile a bit – they’re kind of funny.”

Tweedy also defended Wilco’s most recent album, The Whole Love, released in September. He said, “People claim we’re forever dumbing down. I think we’ve been pretty dumb all along. And defiantly so. It’s pop music.”

Wilco is best known for 2002’s Yankee Hotel Foxtrot and 2004’s Grammy-winning follow-up A Ghost Is Born. The majority of critics find Wilco’s recent releases to be lacking the quality of past albums, some daring to use the term “Dad rock” to describe the band’s most recent sound. Oh well — most bands would kill to have Wilco’s stretch from ’96 to ’04. They made some truly great albums during that period.

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