Bon Iver Workout Clip Detailed

Earlier last week, a short clip was found showing Bon Iver’s Justin Vernon working out with his trainer Jeff Rogers. MTV Hive has confirmed that the video is not a fluke. In fact, it’s a portion of a full-length workout DVD directed by Dan Huiting, who also directed Vernon’s “Calgary” video.

The fitness regime is set to music from Bon Iver, Megafaun, and other favorite artists of Vernon and Huiting. Of the new project, Huiting said, “You can work out to cool music instead of something stupid…If you’re an indie rock kid and you put that music on while you’re running on the treadmill, this is an actual circuit… It’s in Justin’s yard, where he grew up, and it’s them doing these three circuit exercises.” The DVD features a commentary function that can be turned off so that the viewer may just listen to the music and watch the physical moves.

Huiting is currently working on a feature-length documentary focusing on Justin Vernon’s life. Huiting has been following Vernon around with a camera for the documentary and pulled the majority of his footage for the workout video from the documentary footage.

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