Reddit User Uncovers The Strokes’ New Album Title and Cover

The Strokes - Comedown Machine

New information on The Strokes’ upcoming album was released today, partly in thanks to a Reddit user who found a cache copy of The Strokes’ new album cover on the band’s web site after digging through its coding. The group’s management used the opportunity to make an official announcement. The Strokes’ new album, Comedown Machine, will be released on March 26th via RCA. Its first single will be “All the Time”, out February 19th. The group released an album track last week as well. “One Way Trigger” is an excitable blast of synth-infused energy that features a plethora of hooks that benefit from Julian Casablancas’ heightened pitch. Available to stream below, “One Way Trigger” is furiously energetic from its inception; a jaunty synth lead is restless throughout over a sustaining guitar jangle, a sound not too distant from their previous album, 2011’s Angles. The main difference is Casablancas’ vocal delivery, which may catch some off-guard at first. It certainly fits the energetic electro-pop vibe, though. Written by Casablancas and Albert Hammond Jr., “One Way Trigger” is an excellent way to build hype for the ironically titled Comedown Machine — as if The Strokes needed any more of it.

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